Crypto Popcorn

I realize that most of you might not be as deep in crypto but are generally very curious about tech. Crypto Popcorn is the daily clash we see on twitter between Silicon Valley Crypto & Monetary Economics Crypto. I want to share very compelling overviews of both sides of this battle so that you all can enjoy the obnoxious crypto twitter too!

Here’s a quick explainer on what the tension is all about.

Here’s a strong case for tech crypto.

Read this, this, this and this for monetary economics case from various angles. I am sharing more for this side since you all likely encounter tech crypto ideas on twitter.

a16x recently published a post drawing parallels between crypto investing and equity investing from an institutional investor’s perspective just after we learned that Yale endowment fund has invested in two top tier crypto funds. Here’s a very good rebuttal to a16z’s line of thinking.

Keep in mind each side has very smart and informed people. Both have reputation and lots of money at stake. If you are interested in my snarky takes, here are some :