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Every week, I do investigative deep dives with startup founders, executives and investors. The goal in every chat is to bring you some perspectives that are not easily available anywhere else online. Scatter Brain is all about depth, which can make the chats somewhat lengthy. Every now and then, I would share my thoughts on something topical or share conversations smart people that don’t fit the typical startup archetype. You can expect to hear from me at least three times a week!

Here are some past conversations :

The rise of Generative AI with Cristóbal Valenzuela, CEO of Runway

Relocating for work with Hanna Asmussen, CEO Localyze

Digitizing India’s intercity bus travel with Sumit Gupta, CEO of ApniBus

Building a global news outlet, with Ben Smith, Cofounder of Semafor

Coffee brew, political takes, and shop talk with Hunter Walk of Homebrew

"Let's kill the story!" with Jack Randall, ex Comms Head of Robinhood

Supercharging the insurance benefits with Shannon Goggin, CEO of Noyo

Building for creators with Sid Yadav, CEO of Circle

Unblocking entrepreneurship with Kaela Worthen, Cofounder of Paintbrush

A decade's pursuit in a cold category with Aakrit Vaish, CEO of Haptik

Demystifying developer platforms with Ceci Stallsmith, Cofounder of Calyx

A gutsy rollercoaster with Todd Saunders, CEO of Broadlume

The business of internet building with Joseph Cohen, CEO of Universe

Making demos interactive and fun with Caroline Clark, CEO of Arcade

Brewing coffee & growth with Lauryn Isford, Head of Growth at Airtable

Dialect-based content in India with Vinay Singhal, CEO of STAGE

Bringing software to public interest with Jimmy Chen, CEO of Propel

Demystifying product-led sales with Alexa Grabell, CEO of Pocus

Coming of age of fintech in India with Priyanka Kanwar, Cofounder of Falcon

Transforming farming with Jayce Hafner, CEO of FarmRaise

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