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Oct 1, 2022Liked by Sar Haribhakti

β€œIn my time at Meta, I was a small part of the team that built the Facebook app retrofitted for the Jio Phone. This was a particularly cool experience because most Facebook users had touch screens, so the app was built primarily for touch screen devices, but the Jio Phone used a standard 9-number button pad. One learning area from that project was the importance of supporting every user in your base, not just the majority case. For example, the default sign-up process for Facebook asks for your email addresses. This is an excruciating task on the phone with a 9-number pad (the buttons break easily). We rebuilt the sign-up flow to use the phone numbers. From the perspective of someone in California, that might not have felt like a big deal. But for someone holding a Jio Phone in India, it was the difference in giving them the experience they needed to connect.”


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